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"We planted the entire garden yesterday. With temperatures staying mild at night, we decided to plant earlier than usual. The kids all helped and it went fairly well. The kids helped me plant seeds and our oldest daughter helped daddy with the plants. Tomato plants are poisonous so our oldest daughter waters the holes and daddy puts the dirt around them. Peppers and cabbage is a different story,she waters and plants them. Afterwards the kids cleaned up and we had ice cream and the baby had a bottle of formula. We should have strawberries in a few weeks, and the kids love strawberries over shortcakes. We will be going back to church next month. The baby is too young to take to church. A baby crying is a distraction to the sermon,so we live stream it participate at home. We both are religious and we both agree that church is an important building block in children. My husband also filled the inground pool with water, and the kids wanted to go in. My husband had them put their feet in the water. Way too cold 馃ザ "
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