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"Welcome to the strobe house , the house of one of the original mob nd vampires rising warlords.. enter at your own risk **** DAZLL U with DISTINCHUNN , or BAFFL U with BS 22,000+ trophy pts my last count .. 240+ mid steals____ low # FANG5 # 03 (owner) and sister group *BADAZ* (owner) ______*{ KIKAZ}* ____ member of *{LGNDS}*_________ the DRAGON , he's FANG5 also ~~~~~~~~ the truly insane can prosper nd do well @ cellufun, so lobby cellufun's the BIG KUHUNA TO ADD WEDGEEZZ TO OUR FLIRTZ__ .. footnote from landell's hp .... as the mighty hammer of FANG5 strikes the final nail in the coffin of feast .. i slowly push the casket into the hole and grab my shovel .. it is a easy job to cover the FEASTIES casket as the shovel hasnt far to go ..after throwing the last shovel full i put on my dancing shoes and dance on the FEASTIES grave ..... GoT FAN here :)"
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