8. FAQ

Is this site really free?
Cellufun is free to play, but there are optional features that you can purchase using FunCoins. But you never have to buy anything to play.

Then how do you make money?
Cellufun makes money on advertising, and on FunCoin sales to those players that are interested in premium features.

What about phone company charges?
Cellufun does require a phone with a data plan, and depending on your data plan, phone company charges may apply. You can also opt-in to text message notifications for different game features, and standard text charges may apply as well.

Will this work on my phone?
Cellufun works on any phone with a browser and data plan.

How do I get FunCoins?
FunCoins are available for purchase through your phone bill on most US carriers. The best way to earn FunCoins is to invite other friends to join. You can also get FunCoins by responding to certain offers from our sponsors.

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Is my information safe?
Cellufun will never sell your information to anyone. For complete details, please read our privacy policy.

Can I play on my computer?
Yes, you can play Cellufun games on the computer, just point your browser to m.Cellufun.com. If you are a Facebook user, you can also add the Cellufun application and play on Facebook.

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