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Ops Team
Missions require that you have a team with a minimum amount of Power, Precision, and Discretion in order to complete them.

Build Team: To add or modify to your Team, use the Build Team page. Your team can consist of up to 8 people. From time to time, you may need to drop members to make room for others with the skills you need. You can add your friends as Team members, but you can't add friends who are more than 5 levels above you. Also, the Power, Precision, and Discretion your friends add to your Team are fixed at the time you add them. If your friend levels up and increases their stats, you will need to drop and re-add them in order to take advantage of those new stats.

Hired Mercs: Out of friends, or your friends don't have the skills you need? Hire a Mercenary to fill out your team.
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